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Trumps Ill-advised donation and the Opioid Crisis

Trump donated his 3rd quarter salary to The Department of Health and Human Services last week. He designated the money to go towards the education of Americans to help combat the opioid crisis. In other words he wants more government propaganda that is filled with misinformation and outright lies about compounds derived from the opioid plant. This to me is a mistake. The HHS has a trillion dollar budget and along with the War on Drugs has created a healthcare system that is broken due to the absence of true individual choice. This donation besides being given to a corrupt, bloated and inefficient government entity is also adding to the lie based hysteria called the Opioid Crisis.
Those who claim there is an Opioid Epidemic (which actually makes no sense) is based upon the 33,000 Opioid involved deaths in the last year. In reality the vast majority of these deaths are caused by black market heroin laced with fentanyl. The War on Drugs and the ridiculous prescription restriction medical cartel has contributed to these deaths. I believe every adult has the right to consume what substances they choose. When individuals are free to buy what substances they want to for their own reasons, the cost of healthcare will plummet, deaths from adulterated black market products will end and individuals will get adequate relief for their emotional and physical pain.
Trump could have donated his taxpayer salary to MAPS if he really wanted to help people. MAPS is funding research that has proven that MDMA is a great treatment for folks with PTSD and their budget is only $5.1 million. Another option for Trump’s donation would be to fund research that is aimed at reducing the top three killers of Americans which are Cardiovascular disease which kills 600,000+ per year, Cancer which kills another 600,000 and medical errors hat kill an estimated 250,000 people per year. He could have also brought much needed media attention to the tragedy of suicide in the US. Over 44,000 people per year take their own life.
The opioid crisis is merely a rebranding of the War on Drugs. With the legalization of Cannabis in many states and the backlash for their plans to Schedule I Kratom, those who profit from the War on Drugs are looking for anyway to stay relevant and maintain their levels of funding. In fact the so-called experts say that billions and billions will be needed to combat the opioid crisis. If they really wanted to eliminate a vast majority of the opioid related deaths they could tomorrow legalize heroin. Instead the CDC and the VA are setting guidelines for doctors to reduce or even eliminate the use of effective pain medications that people with pain need. This will lead more people to look to the black market, which will result in more deaths. We don’t need more government intervention in our healthcare decisions.
We definitely do not need more government propaganda that is filled with lies concerning pain medicine. What we truly need is more freedom.
You can watch my take on this at:
Brad Miller
Fellow Human



Ketamine: A possible end to Suicide?



Around 44,000 people each year in the United States commits suicide. Each suicide is like a nuclear bomb dropped into the middle of a family. Devastating those closest and leaving emotional scars that last a lifetime. I once heard someone say that if you are considering suicide and you have any children in your life that love you and if you take your life it’s the same as hitting them in the skull with a hammer. It’s that devastating.

If you are thinking of killing yourself please talk to someone – stop reading and go to the resources below to get help. Make it to the next sunrise – its always better in the morning.


Below is a site that has helped me get through some tough nights.

This site is a little corny but its also been helpful when I’ve been struggling.

This site has statistics as well as phone numbers to call for help.

I’ve thought about killing myself more times than I care to admit. I’ve been really close about three times. Fortunately I had family there who helped me get through those horrifying moments of unbearable pain. That’s what suicidal thoughts are. Unbearable pain. My mind spirals out of control and the only way out to avoid the pain, to make it stop is to end my life. I figure if I’m the source of my pain, then there is only one solution to end this pain forever.

Fortunately I’ve not followed through on those suicidal thoughts and I’m still here today. I want all those 44,000 people who kill themselves each year to still be here as well. Ketamine is a miracle drug that could help to make that happen.

Ketamine acts like a chemical life preserver for those who are considering suicide. Study after study as well as anecdotal evidence is mounting that Ketamine can end suicidal thoughts in as little as twenty minutes and the effect can last weeks. I’m never going to talk to a shrink about my suicidal ideation because I know mine is clearly linked to pain and the body wide inflammation I suffer from. I can feel my mind slipping away and the darkness consumes me.

That is why I propose that Ketamine should be like all drugs, (see my post on My take on the Opioid Crisis for the reasoning behind that) should be readily available to be purchased by anyone. Ketamine is a life preserver that anyone who has ever had trouble with suicidal thoughts should have at their home. Just think instead of reaching for a gun to shoot themselves a person suffering from suicidal ideation could inject themselves with Ketamine and live to see the next sunrise.

The next five minutes or the next hour or the next sunrise is all I can hope for depending on how bad I’m feeling. Knowing that there is this life preserver I could reach out for when the darkness consumes me would provide a level of comfort and confidence that I can continue on even in the worst of times. Suffering is part of the human condition. If you are alive you will suffer. FOrtuntaley our biological architecture is positively and powerfully aided by synthetic and natural substances that can help us suffer less and even prevent us from ending our life prematurely.

Right not there are clinics offering Ketamine infusions for those who have treatment resistent depression. In emergency rooms many ER docs are using Ketamine as a first line treatment for those who are afraid they are going to harm themselves. I don’t want to have to go through my lengthy medical history or incur thousands of dollars in medical bills to get a substance I should be able to buy over the counter and administer myself.

All the time we here about the dangers of drugs. Drugs are a tool and if used correctly they can help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. A hammer is a tool as well. It can be crush a persons skull or it can help build a house. Ketamine and other drugs such as opioids are the same, simply tools. I am responsible for my own behavior and that includes when I ingest a substance.

I believe that each individual owns themselves and has a natural right to ingest what substances the he or she sees fit. It is an innate natural right no different then freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the freedom to defend oneself. I reject the argument that drugs are too dangerous. Those in power also thought having the Bible in a language the masses could read was too dangerous. When individuals don’t hold their destines in their own hands bad things happen.

Suicide has been described as a person exceeding their ability to cope with the pain of life. Having Ketamine available as a life saving device for anyone to purchase would help those who are struggling. This powerful tool to can help those suffering in the now and help them see the next sunrise. Then they can get help, talk to their families, make the changes they need to lead a healthier and happier life.

Pain is horrible. No matter if it’s emotional or physical, it is terrible. Having more tools to alleviate and ameliorate pain is a good thing. An individual feels pain. An individual should and does have a natural right to purchase or grow substances without third party authorities interfering which can help ease their suffering of in this life.

Whenever the radical idea of getting the government totally out of healthcare is brought up along with the idea of legalizing all drugs, people always say what about the addicts? What about them? Now they no longer have to go to the black market and risk death or injury from adulterated products. No longer will they have to pay the black market upcharge which prohibition naturally produces. Now they can buy the drugs they wanted at a deeply discounted price because market forces will be at work. Better yet they can buy different drugs that can stop addition in its tracks and actually help to rewire their brain. Psychedelics have been known for decades and even millennia to do this.

Very few people become addicted. Addiction is a result of genetic predispositions and malformed brain architecture. It is something that can be cured as well. Psilocybin has been shown to help people end their addictions so has Auyascha, and LSD. The very substances that are now prohibited show the most promise in helping those locked in the grips of an addiction to be rid of it forever.

Freedom allows individuals to make their own choices. Currently our health choices are being limited by politicians, government bureaucrats, the FDA, the DEA, medical licensing boards, doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies and publicly traded pharmaceutical companies. When we have Medical Freedom in this country we will be able to buy without restriction what we choose to ingest to help treat our pain or whatever disease we may have.

Information is open to everyone now. How many times have you seen your doctor pull up information on the internet to check for side effects or drug interactions? We have the information to make informed choices about what substances we choose to ingest. We would still be able to see doctors and even shrinks if we chose and they would no longer  be these all powerful health authorities. They would become more of a health consultant. Patients will become consumers. The power will be returned back to the individual, health outcomes will improve, health care costs will plummet and more and more people will avoid taking their own life.

Along with having Ketamine available over the counter another business could start up. Home health care nurses who would be on call 24/7 and who could deliver an infusion of Ketamine in the comfort of your own home. I’ve been in and out of doctor offices and hospitals for thirty years and they are the least hospitable place to recover. Being at home is the key to feeling better and truly recovering. If someone can the dangers suicidal thoughts kicked out of their head in less than twenty minutes at any time of the day that will definitely help save thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of lives each year.

Until that day, talk to your family, go to the emergency room or call a suicide helpline if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Make it to the next sunrise. Just focus on that.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human

Kratom is here to stay

I had an odd experience the other day. I visited a pharmacy and a health food store in the same day for the same reason, relief of pain. The difference was that I was able to buy the Kratom I needed at the Health Food store from friendly helpful folks, and at the Pharmacy which I’ve been using for years, told me I couldn’t get my monthly pain pills renewed because they couldn’t correctly read a calendar.

Two totally different experiences highlights what is wrong with healthcare today. In fact the U.S. Federal Government wanted to put Kratom on Schedule I last year and that would have prevented me from buying it last week. If it wasn’t for Kratom I would have suffered from the physical withdrawal symptoms that comes with stopping abrubtly opioid pain medicine.

This is my quick take on Kratom and my experiences.

(correction: in the video I mistakenly call The American Kratom Association “The Kratom Association of America”, my apologies.”


If anyone wants the real information about Kratom and the Legal battle that still is going on go to:

The American Kratom Association have done amazing work and still are working to keep Kratom legal. They are headed by intelligent accomplished individuals who know how to organize to stand up to government tyranny.

I highly recommend to anyone interested in advancing the cause of individual liberty, bringing down health care costs, and keeping Kratom legal check out the AKA’s press conference on 11/29/17.

It was the non-regulated market that allowed me to ease my suffering while the State mandated health care system failed to do it.  I believe that every individual has the right to ingest what substance in what amounts that they deem necessary to ease their pain and suffering. The current state sanctioned medical system has failed me over and over again to help me treat my pain over the last thirty years.

Even when I’m in the hospital I don’t have my pain managed correctly. Doctors are scared to give opioid prescriptions, pharmacies are under more and more scrutiny and they even lock away their pain pills in safes and have only one staff member who can order them.

The irony is that the banned and tightly controlled substances are some of the most effective and have the least side effects of the medicines that are currently prescribed. Kratom is a perfect example of this. Drug companies are scrambling to come out with the newest “safer” opioid pain killer. I think that is why a lot of the hysteria about the “opioid crisis” is being ginned up.

Kratom actually activates the Kappa opioid receptor. Over the next five years you’ll hear more and more about the K opioid receptor. Kratom is safe. I’ve taken it. It doesn’t help with pain as well as Trammadol and definitely not as well as Oxycontin. But it did take away the physical and mental misery of going through opioid withdrawal which I’ve been forced to go through in the past.

This time around I was able to sleep, I was able to take a daily walk, and function as a human being. If I was prohibited from buying Kratom by the DEA I would have been bed ridden and would have contemplated killing myself. I’m not exaggerating. Being in chronic pain plus going through opioid withdrawal is something I will never do again. Kratom helped me when the government regulated and licensed systems would not.

I hope that the issues that Kratom Prohibition is brining up will help others see that we should all have the ability to purchase what we want when we want. Before I took Kratom I read tons of reviews online and watched tons of testimonials of people who have used it. Suffering makes life unbearable. Being able to ease my suffering is the only reason I’m still alive.

The Politicians, the DEA, and the FDA don’t seem to care about the sick and the suffering. They would rather grandstand and repeat half truths about the Opioid Crisis while favoring the drug companies and insurance companies. I am the only one who feels my pain. I’m the only one who has his life extremely limited by my pain. I own myself and I own my suffering. I and everyone else has the natural right to ingest what substance they deem fit to help ease their suffering.

I am responsible for the relief of my suffering as well. If I choose to ingest a substance its because I’ve done my research and believe that its side effects are less than its benefits. It is truly miraculous that we have the biological machinery that benefits from synthetic and natural substances that can ameliorate pain and keep misery at bay. I don’t want to get “stoned” and do nothing. I like most people who take pain medication do so, so they can simply live.

I’m alive because of opioid pain medication. If my access to it is decreased or eliminated I will end up dead. I can’t live in pain. I won’t. And this is totally unnecessary for me even to contemplate killing myself because of pain. There are incredible medicines available that can relieve pain, help reduce anxiety, and lower inflammation. In the future we’ll be able to buy what medicines we choose without restrictions and even grow our own pharmacy in our back yards.

Once Medical Freedom is recognized health care costs will plummet. Market forces will enter the health care system and competition will drive down costs. Kratom will especially go down in price. Right now its pretty expensive because of the threat of government action against those who are importing it.

The DEA backed off when The Kratom Association of America along with millions contacted them concerning the scheduling of Kratom as a Schedule I drug. If millions demand that all drugs be made available for purchase without prescription, which is in reality a government sanctioned permission slip, they will have to submit. There are a hell of a lot more of us then there are of them.

Humans for our entire history until the last hundred years have tested medicines by using them. Cannabis, Kratom, medicinal mushrooms and extracts of the poppy plant have been tested for thousands and thousands of years by our ancestors. I find it arrogant and condescending for the head of the FDA to say

“While we remain open to the potential medicinal uses of kratom, those uses must be backed by sound science and weighed appropriately against the potential for abuse,” Gottlieb wrote.

I like many people have a pioneer mindset. I don’t need a thousand studies or a panel of industry captured government officials to tell me if something is safe or not. I will weigh the evidence of my fellow humans and decide to take the risk or not. If I’m wrong and I get even sicker and die that’s my fault. More than likely I won’t.

Internal Locus of Control

Internal and external freedom is predicated on the fact that you have internalized the knowledge that you own yourself. Part of this realization that you own yourself is that you are also responsible for yourself. This is the key principle behind the concept of having an Internal Locus of Control. Your own desires, your own wants, your own needs, your own abilities, your own experiments of action, determine how you are going to live your life. By having an Internal Locus of Control you are throwing off the last of the mental shackles that can keep you from living a life of a free person. Your fate is in your hands.

The opposite of having an Internal Locus of Control is having an External Locus of Control. This is when others determine what you think, how you act, what your priorities are and what you have and experience in life. Part of having an External Locus of Control is giving up your inherent right of self-ownership and allowing others to make decisions for you. This can mean that you place your External Locus of Control within family members, the church, your peer group or the government. All of these choices create the shackles of helplessness that destroy internal and external freedom.

External Freedom only exists when Internal Freedom is realized. If you allow your mind to remain shackled by the will of others and you believe that your fate is in their hands or that external events determine the outcomes of your life then your will never be free. Don’t give people that power. Decide today that you and you alone determine your course in life. That you have control on how your life turns out. That you are the captain of your ship. You are the motive power as Ayn Rand was found of saying for your life. You have more of a capacity to create, to invent, to persuade, to communicate, to build and to love than you can imagine. You alone are best able to determine how your life should be spent and how to achieve what you desire.

Freedom can be a scary thing at first. I remember when I stopped believing in god. My first thought was what’s going to happen when I stop praying? Will horrible things start occurring? It didn’t. Life went on. In fact I was happier because I wasn’t waiting around for some invisible bearded man to find me “worthy” to grant my wishes. I was free to use my abilities to improve my life instead of waiting on an outside force to intervene. It also freed me from the guilt of “sinning” as well and the fear of hell. You don’t know how these concepts distort your thinking and how you interact with others and see the world until you throw off these mental shackles.

Along with religion I also through off the shackles of the belief that government was a force for good in the world. For me as my internal locus of control increased and became stronger I became more and more suspicious of all the authoritarian constructs. The concept of government is based upon the concept of Collectivism. Ayn Rand in her short essay “Textbook of Americanism” broke down the difference between “collectivism” and Individualism”.

The basic issue in the world today is between two principles: Individualism and Collectivism.
Individualism holds that man has inalienable rights which cannot be taken away from him by any other man, nor by any number, group or collective of other men. Therefore, each man exists by his own right and for his own sake, not for the sake of the group.
Collectivism holds that man has no rights; that his work, his body and his personality belong to the group; that the group can do with him as it pleases, in any manner it pleases, for the sake of whatever it decides to be its own welfare. Therefore, each man exists only by the permission of the group and for the sake of the group.
These two principles are the roots of two opposite social systems. The basic issue of the world today is between these two systems.

Not only are these two concepts at the roots of tow opposite social systems they are also key components of the two competing ways of thinking. Individualism is associated with having an Internal Locus of Control and Collectivisms demands that your will be subjugated by the government and thus is a key reason why most people today have an External Locus of Control. Their life choices are largely determined by others. They allow others to determine the direction and the limits of their life.

Religion and government are the two biggest reasons why most individuals have an external locus of control. If you want true Internal and External Freedom you have to avoid that. Only when you have an Internal Locus of Control can you being to be free. Having an internal locus of control encourages you to seek out solutions, to be kinder to others, to enlist your full mental machinery, to build your network, to increase your knowledge, and to grow as a human being. When we accept we are the captains of our ship and the masters of our fate then we pour all of our mental and physical energies into creating the life that we desire.

When we believe that our actions don’t have meaning and that our fate is determined by our environment, the majority, by those smarter than us, by our bosses, by the economy, by the next election, by an invisible bearded voyeuristic man, we  are giving up our power and sinking into apathy, fear, and hopelessness. Having an Internal Locus of Control simply means you understand that you own yourself, you are capable of taking care of yourself and that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Individualism and having an Internal Locus of Control doesn’t mean that you don’t cooperate with others to accomplish things that benefit all involved. It doesn’t mean that you use force to compel others to do what you say or that you are a loner who doesn’t need the help of anyone. Having an Internal Locus of Control doesn’t mean you live as a hermit or as a tyrant. The recognition that you own yourself also informs you that others own themselves as well. So the only self imposed shackles that you place upon yourself is to restrain the use of force for self-defense only. All actions that are peaceful are permissible in the achievement of your goals. If you deny the self-ownership and Internal Locus of Control of others than you deny it in yourself as well.

What do you believe? Do you want to be internally free? Do you want to have more external freedom? By having an External Locus of Control gives people excuses why their life isn’t what they want. They can sit around and complain to others like themselves about how everyone is against them and how the world is screwing them over. But they fail to realize they have given up the steering wheel of their life to others.  The world is full of preachers, policeman, corporations, and politicians who profit greatly from telling people what to think and what to do. They benefit from stealing your money and your life. But in reality their not stealing because you are willingly giving your Locus of Control to them. Don’t let fear destroy your freedom. Don’t let fear keep you from trying to improve your life. Don’t let fear keep you stuck in a rut that makes you want to turn over your life outcome to someone else.

If you live in a country that is overrun with a dictatorship or massive government intervention in your life you have choices. Unfortunately the trend around the world is for government to take more property and more freedom from individuals no matter where you live. Most people think they have no choice or they applaud the take over of their lives by those in power. If you are reading this you are not one of those people but don’t fall into despair. Remember your life and your fate are in your hands. Visualize a better life. Take actions each day to improve your life. Don’t fall into the trap of complaining or arguing over surface issues. Dig deep to the root of the issues in your own life and the issues in society. I guarantee you they all boil down to the two competing concepts of Individualism vs. Collectivism and the difference between having an Internal Locus of Control vs. an External Locus of Control.

No matter what circumstances you have going on you can improve your life. You have the power to do this. When you confidently move in a direction opportunities open up. Be ready for them. If you are not feeling well or have health issues take a step today in improving that, if your finances are troubling you make a plan today to increase your income, if you are lonely begin a program of self improvement. It is our thoughts and our actions that determine our fate. Don’t give power to those who want to oppress you. Throw open the locked door in your mind where your Internal Locus of Control sits. Hit the start button and watch it come to life. Soon your whole being and existence will be filled with its power coursing through you like lightning. As your mind becomes more and more free, you’ll begin improving your life more and more and thus creating your own external freedom without waiting on others to provide it for you.

Freedom Begins in the Mind

Brad Miller