Self-Ownership and the War on Drugs

by Brad Miller

Self-Ownership is the inherent right that every individual owns. It is a right that simply means you are sovereign over your own body and over your own mind. No one owns you except yourself. Your right of self-ownership is not granted by the government or even by a majority of your friends and neighbors. It is a right every individual is born with.

The inherent right of Self-Ownership is the basis for all of human freedom. The Drug War is one of the most obvious ways that governments violate this natural right in horrific ways across the globe. The War on Drugs is a war against individual liberty and the right of self-ownership. Every adult has the right to choose to consume a “drug” or not consume it. No government or majority of their friends and neighbors has a right to use force to  prevent others from exercising their inherent right to consume or not consume a substance.

Individual Liberty is all about choice. With choice also comes responsibility. My choices are my own. If what I consume benefits me or causes me harm, I am the one responsible for that choice. The War on Drugs is a war on your thoughts. You decision to ingest a substance that you believe it will make you feel better or help you to enjoy life more begins with your thoughts. Drug Prohibition is a war on your internal thoughts.  Cannabis is a perfect example of a non-toxic healing plant that governments around the world have arrested, imprisoned and murdered individuals for growing and consuming. It is an extremely beneficial plant that everyone should have the freedom to consume or not to consume. But governments around the world prohibit your from discovering for yourself if this is a helpful substance or not.

Governments around the world want us to think that they own us. If they can tell us what we can and can’t consume, what we can and can’t grow, or what we can or can’t produce, then they are controlling our thoughts and our actions, and control denotes ownership. They belief that they own every individual that lives within their arbitrary borders and they use all of their power to control them. Remember every government action, regulation, ticket, fine, and law are all enforced with the barrel of a gun, or more accurately enforced by the barrel of millions of guns. Trillions have been spent trying to irradiate drugs, imprison drug growers, drug sellers and drug users. The question must be asked: Why do they think they own us and why do they want to control us?
Why are the governments around the world so hell bent on stamping out Cannabis, Cocaine, MDMA, psilocybin, and DMT? Why is it they rubber stamp through Government agencies like the FDA drugs that are infinitely more dangerous than the ones they are saying we need to be saved from? It all boils down to power. The FDA is used by big pharmaceutical companies to give legal status to their dangerous drugs while safer natural cheaper alternatives are kept illegal. They are getting concerned because people are beginning to catch on.

What if you could grow your own medicine in your back yard? How would that effect the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, medical schools, the myriad of bureaucracies that regulate your healthcare and what would happen to all the millions of people around the world in law enforcement which make a living by arresting, imprisoning, and killing drug sellers and drug users? It all boils down to money and power. The government doesn’t care about your health or well being. Most people in government care only for their self-interest, their next promotion, the enlargement of their department and their retirement fund. They secure all of this by exerting more and more control over the thoughts and actions of individuals. This is most obvious when it comes to those who are dedicated to the War on Drugs.

We all have the inherent right to grow Cannabis, Poppy Plants, and Coca Plants if we choose. We have the inherent right to produce Hash from Cannabis,  Morphine from Poppy Plants, and Cocaine from Coca plants.  We are not owned by the government. We do not exist for the continuation or support of the government. Government was supposed to be instituted to protect our inherent rights from being violated by others. What it has become is the prime violator of individual freedom in the world today.

There is no place on Earth where there is no government. There is no place on Earth where a government’s main and only purpose is to protect your inherent rights of Liberty. Every government on Earth violates your inherent rights by prohibiting your consumption of certain substances it has deemed “illegal”. When the government regulates your choices it is violating your freedom. Every adult individual has the right to choose what he or she will put into their own bodies. We do not need the force of government to prohibit us from consuming something we think will be beneficial for ourselves. The first step to overthrowing the shackles of government no matter where you live is to first understand the concept of Self-Ownership and inherent rights we all have. This is the first step in establishing Internal Freedom.

Psilocybin, LSD, Cannabis and MDMA have been a great help a help to millions of people around the world and if everyone could freely exercise their inherent right of self-ownership, millions more could be helped. The benefit versus risk analysis is for the individual to make. It makes no difference if an individual has ingested a substance or not and violates another person’s rights, they are just as guilty as the person who does the same thing but hasn’t consumed a substance the government doesn’t approve of.  Government should only intervene when a crime has been committed which means, that someone violated another person’s freedom, life or property.

The War on Drugs is a war against certain drugs that people could grow in their garden and that are extremely helpful for everything from PTSD to chronic pain. These substances should be and one day will be legal everywhere on Earth to consume. People will eventually regain their  freedom to choose what to consume without the fear of being thrown in prison, their property stolen or their life ended. You own yourself. You have the inherent right to consume what you think will help you live a better life. No one knows your body or mind better than you do. We are all so different that we should all demand the freedom to consume what we choose to because everyone’s life situation is so different and everyone’s body and mind react differently to different substances.

The time is ripe for people around the world to begin freeing themselves internally. Millions are already on this path and millions more are joining those who are already internally free. The War on Drugs is fading. The individuals in Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon have shown that individuals have the power to reassert their inherent right of consumption and thumbed their noses at the Federal Prohibition of Cannabis. It is happening more and more in The United States and around the world.

There is more and more people that are demanding external freedom now. Governments no longer control the information distribution channels. They no longer have a monopoly on the news. Every citizen is now a journalist, every citizen can learn for themselves about medicine and make their own decisions, every individual can connect to anyone around the world and hear their story about how a certain substance affected them. Governments are losing the information war. They want us scared, they want us to submit, they want us to be silent . They want us to  accept the fact that they can steal as much money from us through taxation as they want while believing that they own us and can tell us what we can and can’t do with our bodies and our minds.

Freedom is the future.

Brad Miller

Working for a freer tomorrow today

If you have an example of how people in your area of the world are demanding their external freedom and winning please leave a comment below.

If you are interested in these ideas I recommend the following books:

“Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand

“We the Living” by Ayn Rand

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