Break the Internal Chains and the External one’s will fall away

I am writing this blog because I want to live free. I believe the only way to live free in the world is first to have internal freedom. That means freeing my mind of the mental chains of  self-hate, self-doubt, vacillation, and apathy which leads to external chains that limit my life. By ridding myself of my internal chians I am freeing myself to explore more and more of what I am truly capable of. Every mental chain I break equates to more internal freedom which will be expressed into reality and create more external freedom. The two are inseparably linked.

Once enough people in the world  are internally free from  their self-doubt, their self-hate and once they embrace their lives as individuals, they will seek to eliminate the external chains which are now visible to them. These external chains come in many forms but the biggest enslaver on the planet is Government.  I believe that only peaceful voluntary interactions should take place. No external coercion should be allowed, especially by Government.

But External Freedom can also be debt. It is another form of enslavement. But that enslavement like Government begins within each individual’s  mental world. By clearing away the chains of uncertainty, timidity and doubt individuals can move forward down the path they have chosen as long as they do not violate the natural rights of others, with less and less external chains impeding their progress.

I want to be free myself and the only way to do that is to first free my internal world, then help others do the same and from that external freedom will naturally follow.

I want everyone on Earth to Live Free. I want to live in a world where 7 billion individuals are pursuing their definition of happiness and producing goods and services that others value in order to achieve their dreams. Think about 7 billion individuals participating in a world-wide Free Market. Think about the billions of inventions that haven’t yet seen the light of day. And when more and more people free their mind’s internally they will not seek to externally enslave other individuals. As mutually beneficial voluntary transactions increase violent coercive transactions will decrease.

I do not seek a Utopia because Human Beings are still Human. But the idea that there should not be a goal of a better, more peaceful, more prosperous, more free world to work towards in my opinion is insanity. It lessens the meaning of every action you take because it accepts the current chains we currently suffer under. Some say in the end it doesn’t matter becaues we  will all die. We will all die that’s true. But why not live? Live as free as possible, to love as much as possible, to create as much as possible, and become as much as possible of the person you are capable of becoming? THat is what I choose. And in order to achieve that I believe I need to be free in order to live my greatest life possible.

I draw a lot from the Stoic Philosophers, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Emerson, Thoreau, Locke, and Hemingway. I believe in Individualism, I believe in Natural Rights, I believe that individuals know how to live their lives and do not need politicians and bureaucrats telling them how to live.

This is my journey to internal freedom that will in turn make the external freedom I seek for myself and others more and more abundant. I am a Radical Individualist, I believe in Peace, Love, and Hard Work. I believe that by serving others I serve myself. I believe that you should not seek love but be love. I believe that no one has a prior lien on anything I produce, I believe that I own myself and can do anything peaceful I desire.

I am a long way from being Internally Free but I’ve made a lot of strides in the last few years. If you’ve ever struggled with having the courage to talk with a girl, feel like you’ll never become the person you think you can be, or are constantly vacillating about the priorities in your life, or you want to just be left alone to live the life you want to live, check my blog out.  I do not want to tell anyone how to live. I don’t have all the answers and that’s exactly the point. No one does. That is why Freedom is so precious and valuable. I just want everyone to be free in order to figure it out their lives themselves. That is my mission. That is my life’s work.

My Life ,as a girl I know taught me, is “EPIC”.  Everyone’s Life is EPIC. Live everyday to the fullest and the only way that you can to do that is to first break those internal chains which currently bind your mental world, and once you do that the external chains that hold you back will begin to fall away.

Remember you can not go down two roads at the same time. If you try you will go nowhere. Take your first step today down the road that you choose.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Living Free